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sports performance training

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The game is changing. At G6, we’re different from other sports training programs. We focus on becoming a role model for yourself and prepare for longevity in sports.

G6 believes in instilling core values into its athletes to build strong and capable leaders in the community. G6 specializes in sports performance training to improve your movement, strength & conditioning,  develop speed, and reduce injury.

We train kids as young as 5 years old to seasoned professional athletes

 The motto behind G6 is “DEFINE YOURSELF”. We live in a society where we compete & compare ourselves to individuals we may not even know. G6 brings the maximum potential out of our athletes and helps them seek the best version of themselves Coach Gabe, Founder G6


Be the best version of yourself. Small group training and private sessions available for sport specific drills, speed, and movement development


Achieve your fitness and health goals through personalized exercise and nutrition plans. Stay accountable through 1-1 personal training sessions

(45 MIN)

Not sure where to start? Book a 45 minute fitness consultation. Includes a fitness assessment and discussion about your health history & time commitments. G6 will recommend the best training package or build an exercise program specifically designed for you to succeed.

 1 Consultation for $25


(1 HR)

Achieve maximum results for your fitness and health goals through personalized workouts and nutrition plans. Stay accountable and set realistic goals through personalized 1 hour training sessions.


5 Sessions for $375
10 Sessions for $600

Partner Training

(1 HR)

Want to train with a friend? Partner training is the best way to get personalized attention from a trainer while working out with someone who has similar goals! Share the experience of getting in shape with your BFF, significant other, or favorite co-worker with partner training. 

Don’t have a workout partner? Reach out to us and we’ll match you up with a new workout buddy.

5 Sessions for $300
10 Sessions for $500


(1 HR)

Meet friends, get fit, and push your body to the limits! Whether you are just starting out, a workout professional or looking to mix up your routine, small group training is great for you. Small group training consists of 4-7 people maximum and focuses on sport specific drills, speed, and movement development.



10 Sessions for $300

g6 coaches

G6 Athletes | Founder and Head Coach - Gabe Lemon



Gabe Lemon, a former Division-1 athlete, started for 3 years as a Defensive Back Safety for the Aztecs at San Diego State University. In high school, Gabe was awarded High School All-County and named 2nd team All-State player.

After graduating from SDSU, Gabe ventured into performance training. In the past 5 years, Coach Gabe has made a name for himself and founded the company G6 which specializes in speed development and performance training.

Gabe currently pursues his CSCS certification as well as his Masters in Sports Psychology.

Connect with Gabe on Instagram @gabelemon

G6 Athletes | Founder and Head Coach - Gabe Lemon

Sports Performance Trainer

Nick Pohl, nsca-cscS, nasm-pes, css, SPARTAN SGX

Nick Pohl, NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist), NASM-PES (Certified Sports Performance Trainer), CSS (Certified Speed Specialist), Spartan SGX (Spartan Group Trainer)


Nick has always played a variety of sports in his athletic career, including baseball, basketball, football, and loves being on the coaching side now as a Sports Performance Trainer. Besides his Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition Science and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, he has a wide array of certifications in performance enhancement and strength and conditioning. Nick wants to see his clients become the strongest, most athletic, and durable athletes that they can possibly be. He creates programs for weightlifting, speed development, vertical jump, and many disciplines of fitness that will help you reach your full athletic potential.

Connect with Nick Pohl on Instagram @nicholas_pohl7

G6 Athletes | Founder and Head Coach - Gabe Lemon

Sports Performance Trainer

Sean McDuffie

Sean McDuffie is an athletic performance coach that started playing multiple sports at a young age and in highschool played football and ran track. Always a good athlete, never great, but fully capable of competing with more talented athletes because of his work off of the field/track.

Sean always aspired to help others optimize their performance. He attended California State University Chico and majored in Exercise Physiology, originally pursuing a career in Physical Therapy. After working at a hospital doing inpatient and outpatient therapy, Sean realized that the mundane training and lack of effort from patients helped fuel his passion to help clients develop the skills and mindset to reach their full athletic potential.

Sean started his Sports Performance career as an intern for the Pleasant Valley High School football team where he assisted Varsity and Jr. Varsity teams and lead training for the Freshman team. Additionally, Sean also interned at California State University Northridge, where he assisted with all (17 teams) Division I sports teams and lead training sessions with women’s tennis, water polo, and cross country. Afterwards, Sean moved into the private sector and has had the opportunity to coach athletes in various sports and at levels ranging from middle school to college.

Connect with Sean McDuffie on Instagram @seandon__

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